Laminate & Wood Flooring

Laminate is low maintenance and hard-wearing, wood is unique and full of character, both look fantastic!

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Hard flooring such as laminate flooring and real wood flooring not only look great, they're also extremely practical and offer many benefits over carpet. The main benefits are, hard floors can be cleaned easily, and they don’t harbour dust mites like carpets do, making them ideal for allergy sufferers. They tend to last long and look newer for longer than a fitted carpet would.


Laminate, harder wearing than wood and won't scratch due to a wear layer. Laminate is also easier to fit and can be installed over existing flooring (not on top of carpets). Laminate is what’s called a floating floor; this means it’s not secured to the sub-floor.

On the downside laminate can sound hollow and noisy when you walk or drop something on it, it doesn’t cope well with water, and often a water leak can ruin a laminate floor.


Solid Wood Flooring is full of character, its eco-friendly and unlike laminate it can be sanded down when scratched and re-stained. The natural look and irregularities of the natural grain make for a unique and quite simply stunning floor.

On the downside wood scratches easier than laminate,  it also expands and contracts due to temperature and humidity, wood is also harder to fit and more often than not it needs fixing to the sub-floor.


Engineered Wood Flooring, in many cases engineered wood flooring has the best of both laminate and solid wood. The top layer is real wood so it has all the character of a solid wood floor. The middle and backing layers are normally made from plywood or fast grown timber; this is normally machined and dried in a way to reduce expansion and contraction. Unlike laminate, engineered should stand up to a burst as long as it's not prolonged. It can also be sanded and stained at least once. Engineered is normally installed using the floating method so installation is quicker and easier.

The only real downside is it scratches easier than laminate would.


We stock ranges from manufacturers like Quickstep, Xylo, Haro, Balterio, Kaindl, Berry Alloc, Lifestyle, Chene and many more.


We now stock high gloss laminates, this type of flooring compliments high gloss furnishings and looks ultra sleek!


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